Mommy Penning Sonny’s Fanatasy


(As narrated by Hoshang Iyengar, Age : 6 yrs)

Once upon a time in Africa where the legendary Elands lived, up over a mountain peak, there was a deep dark cave. The cave had some very beautiful drawings. These drawings were of a man who had an Eland head and one who had captured a lady. The lady was the Ice Princess. The drawings were made by her to leave a clue for someone to come and rescue her from the Eland headed man. But before anyone could come and see these drawings and save the Ice Princess, the Eland headed man put the Ice Princess near a fire and melted her completely.

The Ice Princess would blow cold winds during winter to remind everyone of herself. The winters were really very cold when she blew the cold winds. But now since she had completely melted, the winters started getting warmer, making us all miss her a lot.

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